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Alwis Digital Multimedia Pty Ltd is a company that produce content for the Community Television media provider "Channel 31" based in Melbourne Australia. Channel 31(C31) provides programs to Melbourne and Geelong based community as a free to air television channel. They are widely recognized as a not for profit community television service providing locally-based entertainment, education and information to Australians. Transmitted from Mount Dandenong, C31 provides access and representation to the many diverse communities within Victoria. It supports new faces, voices and issues which are not present in mainstream television that is commercially driven. Channel 31 broadcast's over 90 new locally-made programs every week. These programs are produced by community television volunteers and independent television makers. Community based television has been a great breeding ground for the up and coming media personalities for a long time and will continue its vital role as the training ground for the next generation of program production and content makers.

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